The brewery was established in 1740, but the Mutsu Hassen brand was only launched in 1998 by the current owner, 8th generation Shozaburo Komai. Following that, his young sons have taken over and been producing many types of Mutsu Hassen sake from classic to modern styles. Today, they focus on producing environmentally friendly, healthy, and delicious sake from Aomori Prefecture that uses rice grown in Aomori, the finest yeast, and clear spring water from the Kanisawa area in Hachinohe to perfect the brewing process.

Origin of the Mutsu Hassen Brand

The legend of the Eight Immortals (the Eight Drunken Immortals), or Hassen in Japanese, originated in ancient China and has passed down to the present day. Stories about the Eight Immortals and their earthly exploits often detail the delightful ways in which they enjoyed drinking their favorite wine and spirits. The sake is named “Mutsu Hassen,” which means the Eight Drunken Immortals of Tohoku, after this legend. Hassen hope sake lovers and connoisseurs can savor and enjoy this rich and full-flavored sake their brewery is famous for.

Mutsu Hassen Junmai-shu sake combines the traditional richness of sake with a mild flavor and refreshing aftertaste.

Mutsu Hassen Junmai Ginjo-shu sake adds an even more delicate flavor. Sake lovers can also enjoy Mutsu Hassen Dai-ginjo-shu, an exclusive sake perfected by the chief brewer that combines a fragrant aroma and a smooth blend of the five basic tastes (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami) into a fine, dry sake that goes down so smoothly.

Collection: Hassen

Character: Fresh and fruity aroma, and flavour.

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