Green & Red

The winery name, Green & Red, was token from their first vineyard soil characters, green serpentine and red chert soils in 1977. They are highly appreciated as a Zinfandel expert maker. They have been supplying the Zinfandel grapes to other popular makers such as Scribe and Turley Wine Cellars too. Their vineyards are located at higher altitude above 1,000m compared to other wineries in the regions. Their wines have richer bodies and complexities, but has elegance.

Green & Red is the essence of California wine. Our vineyards are mountain side, in Napa Valley, with bright sun and cooling morning fog.

Green & Red has been the house wine at the famous Chez Panisse Restaurant, outside of San Francisco, for 35 years. Many consider Chez Panisse the birthplace of “California Cuisine.” Green & Red Vineyard specializes in making wines with Zinfandel, California’s native grape, and our wine fits perfectly with Chez Panisse’s farm to table cuisine.

Treat your guests in Singapore to a bottle of Green & Red — it's a little taste of California sunshine.

Tobin Heminway

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