Wakaze The Classic

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The polishing rate is high at 90%, but the impression is clean. Higher citric acids from white koji and good umami are well balanced. Fuller body. You can enjoy it at a chilled or room temperature.

Type / Grade Sake | Junmai
Country Japan
Region / Prefecture Yamagata
Rice Variety Tsuyahime
Yeast Variety Kyokai 9
Polishing Rate 90%
Alcohol % 13.00%
Size 720ml

About Wakaze

Wakaze is a sake brewer in Paris and they have been producing craft sakes 100% made in France since 2020. While they are creating original craft sakes for European markets, they have launched a sake, The Classic, for Japan and Asian markets made in Japan and using the recipe. The polishing rate is 90% to realize sustainable business and give body for a variety of food pairing scenes.