Umegae Liqueur Peach

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Made with grated peach pulps containing rich skin-friendly collagens and vitamin C. On the nose, it has a sour-sweet and rich aromas. A popular liqueur among people of all genders and ages.

Type / Grade Liqueur
Country Japan
Region / Prefecture Nagasaki
Alcohol % 8.00%
Size 500ml

About Umegae

The brewery was established in Sasebo City, Nagasaki, in 1787. They produce not only sake but also shochu and other spirits. The brewery itself is small, but their sales strategy revolves around offering a small quantity and a large variety. One unique aspect of their product line is the fruit liquor series, which includes pulps in the bottles to enhance the fresh aromas, flavors, and textures. Most other makers hesitate to adopt this approach due to the labor-intensive work involved.