Suien Aigamo Junmai Ginjo Genshu

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Rice flavour, richer body, and lingering finish.

Type / Grade Sake | Junmai Ginjo
Country Japan
Region / Prefecture Nagano
Rice Variety Hitogokochi
Polishing Rate 59%
Alcohol % 18.00%
Size 300ml

About Suien

EH stands for Excel Human, the name of the holding company. The brewery was originally established in the Azumino region of Nagano in 1810. In 1961, several breweries in the region merged, and they named their main brand 酔園 (Sui en). After EH took over the brewery, they invested in modern brewing machines, improving both the quality and production volume. They primarily use Miyamanishiki and Hitogokochi rice, which are grown in Nagano prefecture. The main characteristics of their products are a dry profile, smooth texture, and restrained fruity aromas.