Sawanohana Nakadori Junmai Daiginjo Hitotsubueri

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The intensity is slightly lower and has a clean impression. Restrained fruitiness, more rice flavours.

Type / Grade Sake | Junmai Daiginjo
Country Japan
Region / Prefecture Nagano
Rice Variety Miyamanishiki
Yeast Variety Ogawa Yeast
Polishing Rate 40%
SMV (-1)
Acidity 1.4
Alcohol % 16.00%
Size 720ml

About Sawanohana

Sawa no Hana, the brand name is from beautiful iris which bloom around riverside in Saku city. They focus on their local sake rice variety, Miyamanishiki and Hitogokochi. They use less aroma yeasts to enhance the rice characters and flavours.