Rubaiyat Koshu Barrel Aged 2020

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Complex style of Koshu dry wine. The feature flavours of Koshu like Japanese citrus flavours remain and barrel aging for 6 months adds vanilla and nutty flavours. Well balanced body.

Type / Grade Wine | White, Japanese Wine
Country Japan
Region / Prefecture Yamanashi
Grape Koshu
Alcohol % 13.00%
Size 720ml

About Rubaiyat

In 1890, the founder, Mr. Jisaku Omura has established a small winery in the garden in front of his house. Since then, 4th generation of Mr. Omura has been dedicated to winemaking. He aims to make world class Japanese wines from traditional grape varieties such as Koshu and Muscat Bailey A. They are considered as a boutique winery, but one of the pionners of Koshu Sur Lie style.