Lumiere Prestige Class Orange 2021

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Made from whole bunches of Koshu grapes 100%, cropped only in Yamanashi. By Maceration carbonic method, extracted the colour and delicious taste from the stems, skins, seeds, and every part of Koshu grapes. Gentle taste with a hint of plum-like fruit and pleasant acidity.

It pairs well with Sea urchins, any seafood, Miso-cuisine, or meat dishes.

Type / Grade Wine | Orange, Japanese Wine
Country Japan
Region / Prefecture Yamanashi
Grape Koshu
Alcohol % 11.00%
Size 750ml

About Lumiere

Established in 1885, Lumiere is a family-owned winery continuously operating for 130 years in Yamanashi prefecture where it is the most famous and historical region for Japan's wine production. The current CEO, Mr. Shigeki Kida, used to be an engineer before joining the wine industry. Based on his experience as an engineer and business person, he has been investing in winery equipment, especially for sparkling wines. Today, their Koshu sparkling has a great reputation in Japan.