Koyoi La Deuxième 2023

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Made from Koshihikari rice well known as most famous rice for eating grown nationwide in Japan. The brewer has managed to extract potential of the rice flavours with higher polishing rate.

Clean appearance, but richer mouthfeel with body, acidity, and dryness although the SMV is -7.

”La Deuxième" is the second in French, meaning as his 2nd vintage sake.

Type / Grade Sake | Junmai
Country Japan
Region / Prefecture Hyogo
Rice Variety Koshihikari
Yeast Variety Mahoroba Gin / Hana / Kaguwa
Polishing Rate Secret
SMV -5
Acidity -
Alcohol % 13.00%
Size 360ml

About Koyoi

The founder, Mr.Yoji Adachi-san, has took over an abandoned paddy in Tanba city, Hyogo prefecture and planted Koshihikari rice in 2021. He is supposed to open his own brewery and start to brew sake with his 3rd year crop of rice in October 2023. His style is very rare in Japan now and considered as Domaine style in wine industry which means one stop production from growing rice until bottling. He doesn't disclose the polishing % to avoid consumer biases. But the percentage is high (less polishing) anyway to shows more flavours of the rice and use the rice he grows and harvests by himself as much as possible.