Ibuki Junmai Genshu

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Mild texture and aromas like apple or banana. Smooth umami, citrus-like acidity. Warm enhances the characters, but still soft mouthfeel and easy-to-drink style.

Type / Grade Sake | Junmai
Country Japan
Region / Prefecture Fukushima
Rice Variety Miyamanishiki
Yeast Variety Fukushima Yeast
Polishing Rate 60%
SMV ±0
Acidity 1.5
Alcohol % 16.00%
Size 720ml

About Ibuki

The Ibuki brand was created by a young brewer, Kensei Yanai (9th generation), in 2011. He has infused his messages into this brand name: "Don't hurry or rush, but never compromise on quality." He considers "bitterness" to be an important element in sake, along with a balanced combination of aroma and dryness/sweetness in his concept.